Consulting Services

  • Financial Modeling & Forecasting

    Our Financial Modeling and Forecasting service is designed to provide startups with the tools and expertise necessary to make data-driven decisions and plan for the future. We develop custom financial models tailored to your company’s unique needs and objectives, incorporating key variables, assumptions, and scenarios to provide a comprehensive picture of your financial performance under various conditions. These models enable you to analyze the potential impact of strategic decisions, evaluate investment opportunities, and test the viability of your growth plans.

    In addition to creating financial models, we also provide forecasting services to help your startup project its financial performance, including revenue, expenses, and cash flow. Our forecasting methods are based on a combination of historical data (where available), industry trends, and market analysis, ensuring that your projections are grounded in reality and account for potential risks and opportunities. By utilizing our Financial Modeling and Forecasting service, your startup will be better equipped to make strategic decisions, manage financial risks, and secure the confidence of investors and stakeholders.

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  • Growth Strategy Development

    As your strategic partner, we collaborate with you to create or refine your growth strategy. This process involves detailed market research, competitive analysis, and financial forecasting, culminating in identifying new market opportunities, proposing potential areas for expansion, and developing scalable growth plans for your company.

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  • Margin Analysis & Improvement

    Our Margin Analysis & Improvement service provides startups with a thorough examination of their revenue streams, cost structures, and profit margins. We will identify areas of inefficiency, potential savings, and opportunities for margin enhancement across your product or service offerings. With our data-driven recommendations and guidance, you can implement targeted strategies to optimize pricing, reduce costs, and improve overall profitability. By enhancing your margins, your company will be better positioned to compete in the market and achieve long-term financial stability.

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  • Fundraising Strategy & Support

    Secure the capital your business needs with our fundraising support. We prepare detailed financial projections, help you craft compelling investor presentations, and provide strategic advice on negotiation strategies. By identifying potential investors or lenders and guiding you through the fundraising process, we help you secure the financial backing you need to grow and succeed.

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  • Fractional CFO Services

    Our Fractional CFO Services provide startups with access to a seasoned financial executive on a part-time basis, offering the strategic financial expertise and leadership needed to drive growth and success without the cost of a full-time CFO. We work closely with your team to develop and execute financial strategies, manage cash flow and budgets, evaluate investment opportunities, and navigate complex financial challenges. Our services encompass a wide range of financial areas, including financial planning and analysis, performance measurement, fundraising strategy, and mergers & acquisitions.

    By leveraging our Fractional CFO Services, your startup can benefit from the valuable insights and strategic guidance of an experienced CFO, helping you make informed decisions and optimize your financial performance. This flexible, cost-effective solution allows you to scale your financial leadership as your company grows, ensuring you have the financial expertise you need to achieve your business objectives.

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Not only is Nick sharp as a whip when it comes to strategic thinking and financial modeling, he’s also an absolute pleasure to work with—a rare combination these days. He’s always been willing to go the extra mile for me and my company and has continually connected me with his large professional network. On the deliverable side, he’s methodical, gives attention to detail and his recommendations are sound. My company’s revenue and expense models are complex, yet Nick took ownership and was able to significantly improve my forecasting capabilities. As a result of our working together I have been much more prepared for meetings with investors.

Justin Myers CEO, Explorest

I had the pleasure of working with Nick on a nationwide analysis of Labor Markets in the services that we provide. Nick is highly motivated, energetic, and intelligent. Nick was able to quickly understand our needs and learned very quickly what was needed to complete our project. At every step of the project, in regards to research, data collection, analytics, and reporting; Nick proved himself to be very capable and provided quick, accurate results. Nick was always available and prompt in returning results as our project evolved.

I wholeheartedly give Nick Huggins a reference for the services that he and his company provide.

Tommy Allred VP - Finance & Strategy, HHS