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Hi there and welcome to Analytified!

We help startups build sustainable and profitable businesses by:

  • Developing strategic business plans
  • Creating financials & analytics to track business performance
  • Designing systems to boost productivity so that you can focus on growing your business

Analytified was started to help startups develop viable business plans and good financial habits from the beginning rather than ‘worrying about that later’.

Who's behind all of this? 

My name is Nick Huggins and I’m a Finance Consultant & Business Coach.

I’ve helped dozens of small and mid-size companies improve and automate their business and financial processes. I’ve worked with high-growth companies across a variety of industries including travel, FinTech, insurance, SaaS, consumer apparel, and others.

My goal is to provide these companies with the tools and strategies that allow them the best chance for success.

Are you working on a cool new idea? I’d love to hear from you.

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Check out the blog for resources and tips on growing your business faster. Here are a few posts to get your started:

Cheers to sustainable and profitable businesses!

   - Nick Huggins